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Our objective:- Telemetry Process, System Lifecycle Management

In the world of Automization and high cost of manpower, need for remote monitoring, quick data acquisition and failure analysis has compelled us to think of innovative technologies and new available communication means to automize the systems to reduce operational & maintenance cost and bring efficiency in asset management. 

Our Solution :- Competitive Advantage through Complete Automation System 

The system aims to integrate the geographicaly distributed electrical equipments and installations into the self responsive wireless intelligent network where the equipments themselves transmit their own information from electrical parameters to their status continuously over wireless communication based scada system at any time anywhere. The system empowers maintenance staff to monitor parameters, create schedules for automatic operation as well as instantaneous control from anywhere at any time remotely. The system can raise the Alarms / Alerts over SMS or Email for any abnormalities occurred to concern system in process for proactive decision support and preventive maintenance. 

Decentralized Automation, Clever Concept, Reliable Performance!!

Use of smart equipments for water supply management is the need of hour. This aims towards complete automization of entire water supply pumping system through usage of innovative wireless/Control room based technologies. Advancement in wireless technology has provided vide area communication platform for telemetry based control and operation of vastly distributed water and pumping system. It provides improved reliability of assets and control application over the web portal through dedicated unified information management system using intemet and unique login IDs and Password protected secured access. 

Current Process Is Flooded With Inefficiency......................   

(i). The operators are technologically not competent to do fadure analysis and data acquisition on hourly basis and so far only breakdown maintenance is done. 

(ii). There is no system of Essential Parameters Monitoring of energy consumption. electrical and power quality parameters from remote location. 

(iii). Actual Status remains unavailable as there is no provision for monitoring the actual electrical equipment status (on/off) from remote location at any time. 

(iv). There is considerable wastage of water and energy due to frequent overflow conditions and excessive use of Pumps.

(v). No system exist for detecting the Alarming Conditions such as power fluctuations, over voltage, single phasing etc. which leads to equipment failure and delay of hours till fault is known. 

(vi). There is no proper scheduhng and Operating Selection between group of pumps. which causes reduction in equipment life. premature failure, and insulation breakdowns. 

(vii).Too much manpower is inducted in the system which needs rationalization and use of innovative technological implementation for reducing the manpower usage.