Model No. :- U- 756 / US /220V AC

Model No. :- U- 756 / US /220V AC


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Intelligent Water Level Indicator has been designed using Universal Switch Gear Control’s proven reliability in combination with the latest technology. USGC brings both contact and non contact based technology solution for water level monitoring so that appropriate technology can be used for different application area.

(1). Contact based solution is based on the float sensor (U-755 FS) technology.

(2). Non – contact based solution is based on the ultrasonic sensor technology.

For Overhead Tank, Underground Sump it is very difficult to Judge the accurate level of water by M.S. level gauge or any other device. But with latest technology we have developed digital water level indicator device which will show accurate display direct in digit (figure in Meter/CMS) of water level of Overhead Tank, Underground Sump with comfortable sitting because it can install in switch room, pump house or where suitable to watch. This Panel is well suitable for any type of liquid. Operation of the Panel is through a compact electronic circuitry which ensures reliable display in digit of water level in tank.

The circuit will be housed in CRCA or Stainless Steel Panel having front facia of ink jet print laminated latex on vinyl to clearly depict the layout in schematic format. The sensors used in the system are resistance transducer, which are unaffected by corrosion and other contents available in liquid/water. The whole unit is Electronically Controlled and has upper level and lower level alarm indications made by highly sensitive micro switches. The upper and lower level is pre-adjusted as per requirement and alarm is actuated at these levels.


(1). Measures water level in underground and overhead tank.

(2). Measure water level in river for disaster management.

(3). Measure water level in dams for discharge management.

(4). Measure water level under railway bridges for train traffic management.

(5). Measure water level in tanks at process industries.

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 SR. No.

Model No.






U- 756 / FS /220V AC

220 V AC

3-6 meter


12 V DC


U- 756 / US /220V AC

220 V AC

10-12 meter


12/24 V DC