Auto Phase Sequence Corrector

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Applications : -  Auto phase sequence corrector installed at :-
1.   Three Phase Motor   • Water Distribution • Lift   • Crane 
2.   Three Phase UPS                                                                
3.   Three Phase Air Conditioners

4.   Three Phase Sensitive Equipments                                                          

Models       : -  PSC-  2 Capacity  7.5 K.V.A. to 700 KVA

Features    : -  Corrects the RYB Phase Sequence, whenever the sequence is changed or reversed

•  For Three Phase Motor installing on water distribution. When phase reversal the  DOR ( Direct of Rotation ) of motor changed at that time water not discharge from  the pump.

• For Three Phase UPS, during sequence changed or reversed, UPS will start use  the battery power & Battery may become empty within half or one hour. So the entire operations and server failure shall be happened.

• The Same way 3Ph. Air Conditioner will be tripped off, due to sequence reversal & the entire office will be suffering or disturbed because of AC. Failure.

Protection  :-  Avoid damages during Phase sequence changes or reversal.

• The Sequence Corrector will switch off, during the Single Phasing or Imbalance voltage occur & later, Auto-reset after restoration.

• No break downs of lifts, Machineries, UPS,  Air conditioner or any motors or Three phase system due to the change in sequence.

Time Delay circuit Digital /Analogue.

• Inbuilt Star Delta / DOL Starter

• Under / Over Voltage  Protection

• Bye Pass arrangement in case of controller Faulty.